Did you know this?

At Newmarket Denture Clinic, we believe it’s important to not only treat our patients with the best care we can, but to also teach them about their oral health and enable them to live healthier lives.

Here are some 5 interesting facts about teeth that you might not have known.

  1. The top surface on your teeth -the enamel- is the hardest part of your entire body.
  2. Teeth start to form even before you are born—milk teeth or baby teeth start to form when the baby is in the womb, but they come through when the child is between 6-12 months old.
  3. With some very rare exceptions, people have only two sets of teeth in their entire lifetime—baby teeth and permanent teeth. Once you have your permanent teeth, make sure you take good care of them.
  4. Your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint, so be proud of your unique set of teeth.
  5. Many diseases are linked to your oral health, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

For more information about your teeth and how to care for them, please see a member of our team and if you’re missing teeth, we would be happy to provide you with information that can help you have a happy, healthy smile once again!